About me

Hello, my name is Simone Ferraro and I design information environments for human beings.
I'm currently working at the BBC in London

I'm a passionate design-thinker as much as an enthusiast self-taught coder & UI designer and I got a UX/IA Master Degree at IULM University in Milan, Italy.

I'm a UX Collective writer and a Architecta (Italy) and Interaction Design Foundation (Denmark) member.

Besides, I really love music (I'm a former DJ, radio speaker and music journalist), photography and every form of visual art.

I started working on digital products over twelve years ago. After running my own digital agency in Turin and after working as a UX Consultant at Zurich Insurance LTD in Milan I am now UX Architect at the BBC in London.

I enjoy working as member of a cross-functional team and I love Agile software development methods and iterative design.

For more detailed info about the projects I have been involved into please contact me directly.


Master's Degree in Information Architecture & UX Design
IULM University - Milan, Italy (2015)

Two-day Training
Professional Scrum Master by Agility in Mind and the BBC Academy - London, UK (2019)

Full Day Conference and Workshop
Experiential Futures by BBC UX&D - Manchester, UK (2019)

Full Day Workshop
Data standards in API by the Open Data Institute - London, UK (2018)

Full Day Workshop
Introduction to Machine Learning by the Open Data Institute - London, UK (2018)

Full Day Conference
AI, Society & Media by Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, The Alan Turing Institute and The BBC Academy- London, UK (2018)

Three Days Training
Multi Platform Strategic Innovation by BBC Academy - London, UK (2018)

Full Day Workshop
How to future by Changeist- London, UK (2018)

Full Day Conference and Workshop
Getting Ready for The Future by BBC UX&D - Manchester, UK (2018)

Full Day Workshop
Information Architecture Essentials by Andrew Hinton & Dan Klyn - Bologna, Italy (2015)

Full Day Conference
IA SUMMIT 2015. by Architecta - Bologna, Italy (2015)

BBC Academy Training - BBC Academy - London, UK

  • Accessibility for Web Developers (2019)
  • Accessible User Experience at the BBC (2019)
  • Unconscious Bias Training (2018)
  • Data Protection & Cyber Security (2018)

Advanced UX Courses - The Interaction Design Foundation - Copenaghen, Denmark

  • Psychology of Interaction Design (2017)
  • Conducting Usability Testing (2017)
  • Affordances: Designing Intuitive Interfaces (2016)
  • Information Visualization (2016)
  • Gestalt Psychology and Web Design (2016)
  • Mobile User Experience Design (2016)